Raising awareness of alcohol harm in Merton

Resonant worked with Merton Council to implement an innovative version of IBA (Identificaiton, Brief Advice) to raise awareness of alcohol harm and encourage behaviour change in people drinking at risk.

IBA is an evidence-based intervention, proven to reduce alcohol consumption – effectively taking people down a risk category in 13% of completed interventions.

This pilot project has demonstrated the feasibility and acceptability of alcohol IBA being delivered by non-health workers in an outreach setting on high streets of South London

Resonant deployed its IBA intervention – branded as The London Challenge – in public spaces in Merton in January 2016.

This is the second London borough that has benefited from this simple intervention. It works because it is engaging and doesn’t lecture people about their drinking, but encourages people to reflect on their habits and make their own informed decisions. Most importantly, taking an intervention like IBA out of the clinical environment serves to reach people who would be otherwise unaware of risks they may be taking with their health

Health Innovation Network Report 2016

Download Health Innovation Network evaluation report (PDF)

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